St.Tropez Spray Tan

There are many self-tanning systems available today, there’s no doubt
about it - it’s a growing industry. Self-tanning not only offers the client a safe way to tan without the worry of premature ageing or worse-still developing skin cancer, it also offers instant results which you certainly couldn't get by using a solarium or sitting in the sun for the same amount of time. (You can be undressed, tanned and dressed again in 15-30 minutes!).

The end result of a self-tanning treatment will depend on which product you choose. St. Tropez has undoubtedly taken the market-lead since its launch 5 years ago, and it is easy to see why. One session will give you an unrivalled tan leaving people believing you've been basking on a beach in Bali for 2 weeks.

To confirm it’s popularity celebrities who swear by St. Tropez include Victoria Beckham, Cat Deeley, Elle McPherson, Donna Air, Billie Piper, Sophie Anderton, Hermione Norris, Duncan James from Blue and Denise Van Outen – you never see any of these celebs anything other than perfectly bronzed. It really is the A-list tan, having been approved by more bodies than any other single brand.

It’s not just for the stars though, this is an affordable product, one bottle of St. Tropez is sold every 10 seconds! Thanks to it’s secret ingredient that neutralises orange tones, you will only ever look as sunkissed as nature intended – never orange and never streaky. If you follow all of the advice offered to you from your therapist, you will also prolong and maintain your amazing tan to it’s optimum.

St. Tropez has an excellent product range to support all of it’s treatments which come highly recommended and either help you to prepare, maintain,prolong or self-tan in between treatments in the comfort of your own home.
New products are being released regularly as self-tan technology is ever improving. Other products are:


Tan Optimiser Body Polisher – This is a gentle exfoliator to refine and prepare the skin. The spherical beads gently roll over the surface leaving it feeling soft and even. It has a beautiful scent and wonderful colour. Exfoliate using this the evening before your treatment and then when the tan has developed it can be used gently to maintain the tan and ensure it wears off evenly.

Tan Optimiser Body Moisturiser – A luxurious blend of essentials, botanicals and herbs in an Aloe Vera Base, L-Tyrosine acts as a tan accelerator to enhance the bodies own production of melanin. Use this rich moisturiser at home to maintain the tan and also works as a fantastic After-Sun product.

Wash Off Range - These hydrating wash off range of products deliver a beautiful instant, natural-looking tan that washes off with soap & water. Free from tanning agent, these products are non-transferable so you can tan & go. comes in mousse, spray or cream for body and face range.

What is Airport?

Airport is a unit designed to evenly spray you with atomised St. Tropez Bronzing Mist in a pleasant environment. Airport keeps you warm, increases tan absorption and decreases drying time. It enables a flawless St. Tropez tan to be achieved in a lunch break! 

Treatment advice for the client Preparation for application
Do not wax or shave on the morning of the treatment.
It is preferable not to apply any type of perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils as they may affect the treatment.
The evening before your application you will need to exfoliate your entire body, using the St. Tropez Body Polish. Pay special attention to dry areas of the body such as hands, elbow, knees and feet before moisturising with the St. Tropez Body Moisturiser. Wear dark, loose fitting clothes.

You enter Airport and whilst standing in a warm air stream St. Tropez Bronzing Mist is applied by a trained professional using a spray gun. The treatment takes just a few minutes to cover the whole body. Following the application you stand in the warm air stream for a few minutes to allow the tan to dry so you can step back into your clothes straight after the treatment.

Once leaving the salon
The tan will start to develop 2-3 hours after application and continue to develop for up to 24 hours. Therefore it is preferable not to shower for up to 8 hours after the application.
Any product left on cotton bed linen will wash out. Do not take part in any activity, which may cause perspiration during development time.

Maintaining your tan
With the correct aftercare your tan will last longer Daily apply St. Tropez Body Moisturiser, a hydrating body lotion containing l-tyrosine. This ingredient activates the melanin in the skin ensuring your tan lasts the longest possible time. Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polish every 2 days to ensure your tan fades evenly. Do not rub but pat the skin dry after showering or bathing. Avoid swimming pools, as chlorine will bleach your tan. (If you suffer from respiratory problems, please consult your doctor before booking).